Unleashing the power of CONNECTIONS at Social Media Camp 2017

What a HUGE F*cking Awesome Experience!

I just had the pleasure of being invited to speak at Social Media Camp in Victoria #SMCamp


I arrived via the smallest propeller plane ever that barely flew high enough to make it over the mountain passes and wasn’t too sure what to expect. As I entered the conference centre I was so warmly welcomed by Ricky and the other totally cool blue shirted volunteers. These client-focused folks showed me the green room and didn’t leave my side till I felt comfortable, ready to speak and introduced me to the other speakers.

I must admit that at first I felt like that dude who goes on a 1st date and is immediately taken to the girl’s family reunion – as it seemed everyone knew each other. That feeling of otherness swiftly dissipated as we connected, hugged complete strangers, shared stories and bonded over my love of saying Fuck, as well as the true impact that coaching can have in transforming outcomes in folk’s life & career.

Even had my own mini High School reunion with Mike Vardy who we did several High School Musicals together – including My Fair Lady. He was Colonel Pickering to my Henry Higgins. Now Mike is a most successful Productivityist – even though I struggled to pronounce his job title and at first to even understand what that word even means… it was awesome to reconnect after 25 Years… not that we would admit it’s been that long.


There were several keynotes that stood out for me at the conference including the big cheese at Twitter Canada and a digital strategist named Bosco Anthony. Bosco’s talk on Influencer Currency has me really re-thinking my own school’s approach to many things including how I prepare the students in my coaching sessions. There was a cool lady from New Jersey who wore a massive 1 foot long Candy wrapper on her head and wore jackets bedazzled with candy wrappers. Fittingly enough her name is Ms. Candy Blog … yes seriously! And because of her you will now see me start Live Streaming as a way to engage directly with my clients in a manner they want to be engaged with.  http://mscandyblog.com/

The absolute highlight of the conference for me was a caricaturist who had the most amazing process. The line to see him was over an hour long – but I didn’t mind one second as I was able to create bonds and connections with the other conference attenders -so that hour wait felt like a New York Minute.


Mark didn’t just digitally draw me… we made the most deepest connection in a matter of seconds..as he was drawing he was asking me questions that made me feel like he was a empath – after a few questions he knew I was struggling with health issues, even though I never disclosed that to him. And he knew there was something bigger to my story… he didn’t just look into my eyes but went past that to a different level… I know this sounds like tree hugging bull shit but it had such a profound impact on me.

Bottom line – if you are looking for a conference next year I would highly recommend Social Media Camp. My advocacy isn’t just about the content of the conference but it is because of the emotional connection with the people there…. Yes we talked about social media but we never forgot that it was a conference about people.