Perspective – The Impact of Coaching

Have you ever walked down a street you have driven down hundreds of time before and notice something new? Something so obviously there but because of your new perspective while walking you actually notice it now? Something that wasn’t so obvious before?

Maybe it was from the line of sight you had while sitting behind the wheel of the car vs. the expanded line of sight that walking provides. Well the street around the corner from my home I have driven up and down hundreds of times – to be more specific …let’s say I have lived there for 596 days and driven to work or the store at least once a day that would mean I have, at minimum, driven that small road 1192 times – and yet….

The other day I took my dog, nephews and niece for a walk down that road and noticed details I had never seen before. Details in the yards of our neighbours, details in the trees, the colours of the flowers, backyard tree-houses, the odd shapes of the windows in one house, a beer fridge on someone’s front porch, a driveway that I thought was made of bricks but upon closer observation I notice is a concrete driveway that was stamped and painted to look like bricks.

What I experienced by taking a walk that evening draws very close parallels to what someone experiences after an impactful Executive Coaching session and series of coaching sessions. We get into our routines in life and as a result our field of view becomes limited… our perspectives end up being at the very least fixed. And it’s not to say we are unsuccessful because of that limited perspective. Yes my field of view was limited while driving but it didn’t impact my goal… my goal was to get home, or get to work or go to the store… and in my limited field of view from the driver’s seat of my car I was able to accomplish my goal 1192 times – each and every time I was successful to get to my pre-determined goal.

But I never saw the bigger picture while driving towards my goal.

The thing with life is this… yes we may hit our goals given our limited field of view… but with an open mind to coaching and to be coached – we may see new things that we never saw before. Things that may expand our view of the world – that give us new goals to achieve, that open up a world of possibilities. Things we never saw but were there all along.

I encourage you to take a walk with a coach and experience a new perspective – get a new line of sight to the roads of your life that you have driven thousands of times before, but now be open to noticing something new – something you would not have noticed unless you got out for that walk with a coach.

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