My First TED Talk

 Excited – Nervous – Stoked 

I am having a hard time to find the words in English to describe how I am feeling as I prepare for my first TEDx Talk

This struggle to articulate how I am feeling reminds me how we all have our own stories and challenges to overcome… On Feb 11th 2017 in Greenville, South Carolina I get the opportunity to share my own story – and hopefully spark a conversation around how we are preparing the next generation. This will also be an opportunity for me to share how I have overcome a dark place in my life with the hope that it might inspire just one other person to overcome their excuse and move into a new Now What.

As I was preparing my talk for TEDxFurmanU I reached out to my students for help in creating slides – and I met this amazing Animation Student who took on the project of brining my draft speech to life – with little direction she took what I had wrote down and designed some of the most beautiful chalk drawing art pieces I have ever seen.  What struck me the most and brought me to tears was the image of me sitting on a sofa watching TED talks on TV. I have no idea how she did this… but she captured perfectly what I experienced after my cancer diagnosis.

The Sofa was on point

The TV on the Teak Hutch was on point

The emotion of the moment was on point and so perfect.

What Lotta Seither – my student-  captured was exactly what I was experiencing immediately after my cancer diagnosis. I would binge watch TED talks and found immense solace in watching all the greats from Simon Sinek, to Rob Finley’s Guerilla Gardener and hundreds of other TED Talks. The power of ideas that matter is one of the things that helped me Reframe my situation and take my life in a new direction and out of the downward spiral. 

If you find yourself overcome with stories and excuses  – I encourage you to follow this journey that will continue at Furman University in South Carolina.

If you are interested in sparking a conversation around how we are preparing the next generation – then please connect and follow. I will share the talk here on once it is up

I encourage you to also reach out and let me know your Now What  – email me