Bringing Executive Coaching out of the Boardroom and into the Locker Room

Back in February I had the massive honour of speaking at my first TEDx at Furman University in South Carolina on the topic – How Are We Preparing The Next Generation where I talked about my experience in bringing Executive Coaches out of the boardroom and into the classroom. This is based on my experience at a small private post secondary school in BC which I continue to love and grow with.

One of my favourite winter and early spring past times here in Kelowna BC is to attend the local hockey games of the WHL – Western Hockey League and frequently make the drive down to Penticton several times a season for the Junior A hockey games. I really enjoy watching sports at this level as everyone playing is just on the cusp of making it big – they play like they have something to prove AND I LOVE that sort of hockey…over the years it is so awesome to say “Hey I saw that guy play before he made it to the big leagues”

Near the end of this past season one of the Penticton Vees’ players had his first NHL game playing for the Colorado Avalanche – 19 year old Tyson Jost. In the last game of the season Tyson got his first NHL goal – and for some sappy reason I got all teary-eyed…weird right?

It’s not like I knew the kid — but for 2 seasons I watched him dominate the opposition when he played Junior A hockey and he did a bang up job playing for Team Canada at the World Juniors…

Anyway, as I was having my bullshit sappy moment for Tyson it got me thinking….

Do the Sport Coaches who bring on new young players like Tyson (Millennials or Gen Zs) have the same issues that we had and continue to have in the corporate world? Do sport coaches struggle with:

  • Engaging the next generation
  • Providing and receiving feedback
  • Conflict resolution
  • Understanding how the next generation thinks


If yes – then could we bring Executive Coaching or at the very least some aspects of Executive Coaching out of the boardroom and into the Locker Room?

What if the Sport Coaches had a stronger understanding of the thinking preferences of their players?

What if each team member had a greater self-awareness of how they thought and interacted with others?

In the corporate world, as well as on the ice, field or any sporting venue –  no matter how talented an individual is, a team can and will fail if they don’t all play together effectively. How many teams with great individual players have struggled with communication breakdowns, unresolved conflicts and silo-mentalities?

What if we applied lessons from the corporate world into the sporting world?

Starting today in my private coaching practice I am bringing the Whole Brain® Thinking model to sports teams. Where I will start challenging Sport Coaches and their players to unleash their team’s thinking potential.

To do this I will be offering unique and highly customized Executive Coaching to the team. This will include the powerful HBDI individual assessment and debrief for every team member.

Check out these insights into HBDI assessments

Then once every team member has a greater self awareness of their own thinking preferences and what that means – I will be able to provide an overview of the entire Team’s HBDI profile that will include a deep data dive into the team’s composite thinking. Imagine a team with the data, insights and a new common language to help them eliminate roadblocks and distractions, generate more collective and unique ideas that reinforces that team working together to take advantage of their full diversity of thought while continuously improving their interactions on the field-of-play, in the locker room and ultimately impacting the results and win column.

Yes this sounds all like some BS sit-around-a-campfire-hug-a tree-and-kiss-puppies kind of thing – but the corporate world has not only adopted such interventions like HBDI but have openly embraced this way of thinking and behaving…

Coca-Cola Great Britain used HBDI to develop the communication and collaborative skills of their team to manage the logistical feat of a 1000 city Torch Relay – see case study here

Cirque Du Soleil embraced HBDI to develop their leadership capacity and assemble high performing teams expanding across the globe. – see case study here

Well why not sport teams?

After working on an Olympic Games  it was so powerful to see up close and personal hundreds of world-class athletes at the top of their game. My goal now is to generate powerful discussion and practical impact for hockey, football, baseball, rugby, figure skating and any and all sport teams— basically anyone playing a sport and wanting to take their game to the next level

Just like in my corporate life as in the sporting life – there are

No Excuses! Only NOW WHAT!

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